Artwork Specifications

Working with a digital print shop means you can save time and money by providing us with the correct artwork for your labels, produced according to the specifications described below. Please note that it makes good sense to check your designs (and spelling) before sending them to us – corrections or modifications made after the proofing stage will incur extra charges, as we need to repeat the entire pre-press process to incorporate the new files.
Software Supported (Mac and PC versions):
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw (saved as a Print Quality PDF)
While we can usually work with native files in any of the formats above, our preferred format is an Adobe Illustrator EPS file with all fonts converted to outlines.
Artwork must include the die-line shape correctly positioned. The die-line should be shown in a colour that is quite different from the colours in the label.

The easiest way to send us files is via email . If youre sending many files and/or email proves to be unreliable, please burn a CD-ROM and send it to us.
Full Bleeds and layout requirements
A full bleed is when the color bleedsĀ off the label. If your label design or background color is intended to cover the entire surface of the label, please note that we need a 1.5mm bleed around each edge of the label.
For example, if you have a 50mm x 25mm label where the color bleeds off the edges, you should size your design to 53mm x 28mm as this ensures a 2mm bleed around the entire label.
Its also wise to leave at least 1.5mm of clear space (i.e. no significant design elements or text) inside the die-line to allow for slight shifts during die-cutting.
Other Considerations
Being a digital label printer, image mode and resolution are extremely important to ensure correct color and clarity. All raster (image-based) files need to have a resolution of 300 d.p.i. at actual size. Our presses handle CMYK mode only – all RGB images will be converted, which can cause extreme shifts in color. It is important to note that digital labels produced on laser or inkjet printers cannot reproduce PMS colours accurately. If in doubt, please take advantage of our press proof offer, which allows you to see how the finished labels will look before going into production.